Get ahead of spring’s metallic hair trend MAD ABOUT METALS

For metallic results with incredible Majirel permanent technology, use new Majirel Metals. These shades have high reflect concentration, intense visibility and shine, and are perfectly pre-blended to create metallic hair color with one tube. Metallic hair is growing rapidly across social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Harness the best technology and create the amazing results your clients are looking for.

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Handpicked by Our expert

Michelle Lindsay

L’Oreal Professionnel Artist
Instagram: @colorgeekchic

When using a product, I tell my client what it does for their hair and why I chose it for them. At the end of the visit, I make note on a recommendation card of the products we spoke about and I give it to them. Writing it down helps the clients remember what I used, but it also shifts the power of the decision-making back to them. Consumers don’t want to be pressured, they want to make their own informed decisions. Informed consumers will make the decision to protect the investment they just made in their hair.

Serie Expert Inforcer Brush Proof, Vitamino Color A-OX Color 10 in 1, and Mythic Oil Huile Originale are three products that are for everyone and every type of hair. If you do your job right, your client is sure to take at least one of them home.



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