Express Professional Lightening System

Instant Highlights Express Lightening System

Available in July! The latest technology from L’Oréal Professionnel – Instant Highlights Express Lightening System. A three part system designed to enable more express lightening services! With 5 to 15 foils, you can transform a client’s look that wouldn’t typically receive a lightening service due to the time it takes. You enhance her look and grow your business! Stay tuned for Step-By-Steps!

Express ProfessionalINSTANT HIGHLIGHTS

The Instant Highlights Express Lightening System is composed of the Instant Highlights Heating Iron, New Crème Lightener, and dedicated Aluminum Foils for Highlighting on an easy to cut roll. All three products have been designed to work together make bright, beautiful partial highlights possible in less time with an elevated gesture!

Designed to enable hairdressers to do more express lightening services, the Heating Iron is able to lift the hair in the foils up to 6 levels in 30 seconds.

The Instant Highlights Crème Lightener with new Pro Heat Technology is created specifically to work in harmony with heat. The formula will not swell or crack when processing or heating.

The Instant Highlights tool generates a 284°F temperature, which is regulated every 0.2 seconds for an even, controlled lift.

The recommended Aluminum Foils for Highlighting are 20 microns thick with premium aluminum purity for precise and easy lightening.

This system enables hairdressers to create customized highlights in an express service time. Instant Highlights is recommended for partial lightening techniques only, such as face contouring or retouching existing highlights with up to 15 foils.