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Meet the new Serie Expert spokesperson Taylor Hill

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Even Victoria's Secret angels need hair help sometimes! Supermodel Taylor Hill is loving L'Oréal Professionel's new Serie Expert line. “Hair is an important aspect of my work, so I need to take good care of it. With L’Oréal Professionnel I know my hair will always look beautiful, shiny and healthy as if I’ve just stepped out of the salon!” she says. Her must-haves include Inforcer Brush Proof for on-the-go and Powermix Force to revive her hair after shoots.

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Perfect salon hair every day #powermix

Mix, Match & Personalize with Powermix

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Serie Expert
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In 2017, Serie Expert reinvents the in-salon experience with Powermix. These professionally concentrated masks are personalized and freshly mixed in front of the client to instantly treat any client concern. At the same time, the treatment offers a sensorial experience at the back bar that elevates their entire experience in the salon.

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How it worksPowermix

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Powermix is a unique combination of a base liquid and additive liquid that are mixed to create a creamy formula. With a professional concentration of ingredients, the hair is instantly transformed.

The technology: a combination of rich conditioning agents for intense nutrition and a water base that brings lightness and shine. This micellar technology brings a unique mask that nourishes without weighing down. To learn about Powermix application, client offerings and more, check out our Powermix Treatment page.

The in-salon experience

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    If your client has trouble putting her concerns into words, do the following:
    - Touch and brush the hair to feel the quality and see how the hair moves
    - Part the hair to assess the scalp for signs of stress or damage.

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    After you have prescribed a Powermix and Serie Expert range to your client, use the corresponding shampoo at the back bar.

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    Mix the base liquid and the additive liquid of choice in front of the client. Squeeze the Powermix base bottle to measure one dose, 0.17 fl.oz.. (5ml), and add to the bowl. Mix in the equivalent amount of a Powermix additive of choice. Apply to the hair with a professional gesture. For best results, leave on for up to 5 minutes.

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The Serie Expert portfolio has a new look

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In 2017, Serie Expert has reinvented itself with new packaging that is both modern and more environmentally friendly.

When we decided to take Serie Expert into a modern look, we took the opportunity to improve its environmental footprint, thanks to more long-lasting retail formats and more environmentally-friendly packaging. With 13% less plastic on average in its packaging, the new Serie Expert saves 58 tons of plastic.*

No two women have the same hair. Each woman’s hair is unique based on multiple criteria: hair density, texture, and concerns caused by lifestyle habits (think heat tools, over brushing) as well as the different needs and desires of each person. Serie Expert includes 7 ranges to meet all of your clients' needs.
Vitamino Color A-OX: Protects the fiber to maintain color and shine.
Absolut Repair Lipidium: Instantly resurfaces the hair.
Inforcer: Provides an instant reduction of breakage and leaves hair stronger.
Nutrifier: Deeply nourishes and softens
Volumetry: Adds lasting body and density
Liss Unlimited: Works as an intense smoothing haircare system.
Lumino Contrast: Makes highlights look brighter and shinier.

*Compared to 2015.

Inforcerstrengthen hair to prevent breakage

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Serie Expert presents an all new range for normal to fragile hair to prevent breakage. Formulated with Biotin and Vitamin B6, the hair is strengthened and breakage is prevented instantly. Expore the Inforcer Range

This duo of star ingredients is found throughout the Serie Expert Inforcer range—not only in the traditional shampoo, conditioner and mask format, but also at the heart of the three leave-in products: a smoothing anti-breakage cream, a spray you apply directly to your brush to prevent breakage while brushing and a night anti-friction serum that protects, detangles and boasts manageable hair for your morning routine.

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